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Jams and Marmalades

Dos Lobos - Jams and Marmalades

Using the various different types of fruit trees that exist on the farm, the Dos Lobos brand produces different marmalades and jams that excel due to the care and affection with which they are made, using not only ancestral recipes but also traditional methods.

From the list of these types of products, we highlight:

- Marmalade
- Quince Jelly
- Butternut and lemon jam
- “Mogango” Pumpkin and cinnamon jam
- Orange Jam


Dos Lobos Marmalade

Product description: The Dos Lobos Marmalade is produced using quinces of the Portugal variety with the following ingredients’ percentages:
- 50% quince pulp
- 50% sugar

The Dos Lobos Marmalade is a totally handmade product that is dried in the sun.

Packaging and presentation: The Dos Lobos Marmalade comes in glass bowls of 450 and 750g. capacity.
Transport and storage: The Dos Lobos Marmalade should be kept in a dry place.
Best before date: To be consumed preferable within one year of the date when it is made.
Conditions of use: As presented or for cooking. To be consumed by the general public.



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