Dos Lobos - Honey


With about 50 hives distributed across two farms (one located in Vale do Alva and another in Santa Comba de Seia), Dos Lobos produce a pure honey of thick texture, golden brown in colour and with a perfumed aroma that has rapidly gained fame.

As this honey is so pure and doesn’t contain any type of additives it may crystallize under colder temperatures, naturally proving its purity.

Its technical file is as follows:

Product Description:

Organoleptic characteristics:
Honey that is amber in colour, with a rich, perfumed and profound aroma and flavour, with predominance of linden, lavender, heather and rosemary.

Physico-chemical Properties:
Glucose, fructose, amino-acids, enzymes, organic acids, mineral substances, pollen dextrines, sucrose, maltose and other oligosaccharides.

Packaging and presentation: The Dos Lobos honey comes in glass jars of 0.5 and 1 Kg capacity.

Storage: In an adequately hygienic and dry place.

Best before date: To be consumed preferable within 1 year of its harvest.

Conditions of use: As it is presented or in cooking. To be consumed by the public in general aged over 1.

Observations: The fine and compact crystallisation is a natural indication of the product’s purity. To de-crystallise, place the jar in “bain marie” water for a few minutes.



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