Notícias Dos Lobos

2012 Qualifica Awards – A national contest for traditional Portuguese Cheeses with a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin)

2012 Gold Medal

It was our first contest and we didn’t do too badly!!!

Our Mature Serra da Estrela Cheese was considered the best of the group!

Have you tasted it?

2012 Minis Reunion

We had a visit from the Serra da Estrela Minis Club on 1 May and the farm was invaded by all kinds of Minis! It was great fun!

There was a tasting session and the participants were able to watch the cheese being made.

2012 Cheese Fair (17 and 18 March)

One again it was a huge success, thank God!

We ran out of cheese to sell on the second day! :-)

The marmalade was a big success too. The reviews were all really positive, reflected in the sales which greatly exceeded expectations!

The fair continues to be great fun and this year included the launch of the 'Com os Pastores também se aprende' book (“One can also learn from Shepherds”), written by our Managing Partner who put together a very interesting collection of words and expressions  that have been used by shepherds for decades. Published by the Town Hall of Oliveira do Hospital.

We look forward to next year's fair! As soon as we know we will announce the date!


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